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We all know about Etsy!  Or do we?  I am always shocked when someone asks “What’s Etsy?”.  Like huh?  lol  Etsy is only THE best place to find THE best stuff!

We have some information, tips and tricks for you as a seller and as a shopper!


Etsy Categories Update

Etsy has updated available categories for seller product listings. A quick note to direct you to the Sellers Handbook and Complete Category List.

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Etsy Sale

  Etsy is having a sale!  Shops have been encouraged to participate in this Etsy Sale, so if there’s something you’ve been wanting, now is the time to shop Etsy! It’s the World...

Etsy Membership Plans

So the Etsy Seller community is abuzz with talk about the new changes coming to Etsy. Until more information becomes readily available, I thought this post might be helpful.   In case...