Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ’s and FYI

Do you use Affiliate Links?

I do!  Some of the products linked on my pages are indeed affiliate links.  Using them costs you no more than if they weren’t.  There is zero additional cost to you, though I do get a small commission and greatly appreciate you supporting my efforts in this small way.  Occasionally using my affiliate link will actually save you money!  Please check out my Deals post to find some special offers and deals.

When I purchase from Keep Creating Fun, where does my order ship from?

I’m located in Illinois and all products ship from and to the United States.

Will you ship outside the US?

Unfortunately I am not currently set-up to ship outside the United States.

Do you combine shipping between shops?

When you shop from both Etsy and the website, it is not generally possible to combine shipping.  This isn’t to say that I won’t try.  Many things come into play, however, if you are placing an order from both places, please message me on Etsy and I will make every effort to ship your two orders together.