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I do!  Some of the products linked on my pages are indeed affiliate links.  Using them costs you no more than if they weren’t.  There is zero additional cost to you, though I do get a small commission and greatly appreciate you supporting my efforts in this small way.

Occasionally using my affiliate link will actually save you money!  Please check out my Discounts and Sales Post to find special offers and discounts.

I am located in Illinois and all products ship from, and to the United States.

Unfortunately I am not currently set-up to ship outside the United States.


I just keep learning about more stuff!

Turns out I’m addicted to learning!  Yes, there is such a thing (Mind you; this says nothing about retention).  So anyway, I keep learning all this beneficial information and I want to share it.  It didn’t seem that randomly posting here and there was the best way to help the most people.

Enter: Keep Creating Fun

Being a creative myself, I have an affinity for makers.

Since 2014 my customers have predominately been handmade sellers. Selling fun and colorful craft and jewelry supplies put me in the position of wanting to see my customers (you!) be successful.

I want you to be happy and I want your customers to be happy too!


If there’s one thing about me that I want you to be sure of, it is that you know that I am a maker, just like you.  I wouldn’t share something with you if I didn’t believe in it and find it worthy.  Also please know that I’m aware that we’re all different and that different ideas, systems, methods, tools, resources and budgets work for different people.  To that end, you may find that there are two or more subjects that accomplish much of the same thing.  Typically I use and/or have used both.