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70 Ways To Use Toilet Paper Rolls

Empty toilet paper roll

It’s a pretty common question; “What can I make out of a toilet roll tube?”

If you’re like me, you’ve saved more of these than you care to admit! Clearly you are a creative, and as a creative, you know that there HAS to be something useful and fun that you can make with them!

Well, I’m here to help you do just that! This list of ideas should help provide inspiration for some fun and functional crafting!

What can you make with empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls?
Today we create with toilet paper rolls, paper towel tubes, wrapping paper tubes, vinyl, tape, kitchen wrap, and empty label cores! Cardboard tubes are everywhere! And they’re not just for the recycle bin!

Gather your paints, pompoms, googly eyes, foil, contact paper, colored paper, pipe cleaners and glue! It’s time to get creative!


Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls For Adults

  1. Christmas decorations: Cut and decorate the rolls to make ornaments, tree toppers, or other festive decorations.
  2. Craft a lantern or wall sconce by decorating and cutting out or poking a design in the paper towel roll and put on table or wall. Optionally insert flameless tea light.
  3. Create a holiday ornaments.
  4. Cut them into circles and create decorative wall art.
  5. Cut tubes into thin slices, paint or decorate them, and string them together to create unique and colorful beads for a garland.
  6. Decorative flowers: Cut tubes into thin slices and roll them into petals to create unique and eye-catching paper flowers Glue together for bouquet.
  7. Make a fun garland for your wall or front porch .
  8. Make a mobile or a dreamcatcher.
  9. Make a photo frame by decorating and attaching a picture to the paper towel roll.
  10. Napkin rings: Cut into equal sections, wrap decorative paper around the rolls and secure with glue to make simple napkin rings for a party.
  11. Party decorations – Decorate for a party by cutting toilet paper rolls into spirals and stringing them together.
  12. Use as a base for wreaths and other decorations.
  13. Use as a frame for a bulletin board or photo display.
  14. Use the rolls to make a fun crafty tree. Paint them different colors, stack them up and glue them together to make a unique tree decoration.
  15. Vases: Cover the rolls in pretty paper or fabric and glue them together to create unique, small vase covers for flowers or plants.
  16. Wall art: Cut tubes into thin slices, paint or decorate them with washi tape, and arrange or stack them in an artistic pattern to create a unique 3D design.
  17. Wreath base: Cut the rolls into sections and use them to make the base for a wreath. Or weave the rolls together to form a circular base.
  18. Wreaths: Cut tubes into thin rings, paint or decorate them, and arrange them in a circle to create a unique and colorful wreath.

They're also great for making kids toys and parts for costumes!

  • Create fun animals.
  • Make a homemade pinwheel by cutting the cardboard into small pieces, attaching them together with a paper fastener, and adding a stick to the middle.
  • Make puppets for storytelling by decorating and attaching a face and legs to the cardboard roll.
  • Build a castle or fort with the kids.
  • Craft a bug collector by attaching a net to the paper towel roll and adding a handle.
  • DIY kaleidoscope – Make a kaleidoscope using a toilet paper roll, mirrors, and colored cellophane.
  • DIY toys – Turn toilet paper rolls into toy cars or boats for kids to play with.
  • Dollhouse or playset furniture: Cut tubes into various shapes and sizes, paint them, and use them to create miniature furniture.
  • Dolls: Cut, paint, and decorate tubes to create fun and imaginative dolls.
  • Mini binoculars: cut two rolls to size, glue, paint and decorate them, then attach a string or elastic to make mini binoculars or glasses.
  • Give them to the kids with instructions to go make something!

More Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

  • Turn a paper towel roll into a wand by adding colorful sequins, glitter, and feathers.
  • Use them to make a fun party hat.
  • DIY drum – Make a drum by covering a toilet paper roll with a piece of fabric or paper.
  • Rockets: Cut and fold sections, add some decorations, and launch them as fun and creative rockets.
  • Snakes: Cut and decorate tubes to create fun and imaginative snakes for playtime.
  • Whistles: Cut tubes into sections, add a small slit, and blow through it to create a simple, fun, and loud whistle.
  • Assemble a musical instrument by attaching the paper towel roll to a piece of wood or cardboard and adding strings or rubber bands.
  • DIY accordion – Make a DIY accordion by folding and gluing together several toilet paper rolls.
  • DIY maracas – Fill toilet paper rolls with beans or beads to create your own maracas.
  • DIY microphone – Create a DIY microphone by attaching a speaker to a toilet paper roll and covering it in aluminum foil.
Toilet paper roll seed starter

Empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls can be a valuable resource for crafters, as they can be transformed into a variety of creative projects with just a little imagination.

Let's Explore Some More Creative Ideas For What To Do With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

  1. Add soil and create miniature planters for succulents or herbs.
  2. Create a bird house, add filling of dried stems and leaves.
  3. Cut into smaller pieces and use as supports for small plants.
  4. Fire starter – Fill toilet paper rolls with dryer lint or other shredded materials to use as kindling for starting a fire. Optionally, you can soak the rolls in wax.
  5. Garden markers – Write the names of your plants on toilet paper rolls and stick them in the ground.
  6. Make a bird feeder. Add twine, smear with peanut butter and roll on bird seed. Hang them up in your backyard and watch the birds come and go.
  7. Make a mini-greenhouse out of a paper towel roll and some plastic wrap.
  8. Plant protectors: Use the rolls as covers to protect delicate plants from cold or wind.
  9. Seed starter pots: Cut tubes into smaller sections and use them as biodegradable containers for starting seeds for your garden.
  10. Wind chimes – Cut toilet paper rolls into different lengths, decorate, add bells, and hang them from a string to create a wind chime.

What Can Toilet Paper Rolls Be Used For?

Empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls can be used for a variety of creative projects, from craft projects to organization tools.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Assemble a storage box by attaching paper towel rolls to a piece of board and adding a lid.
  2. Cord organizer – Wrap cords and cables with toilet paper rolls to keep them organized and tangle-free.
  3. Desk organization – Store pens, pencils, or rulers in toilet paper rolls to keep your desk neat and tidy.
  4. Drawer organization – cut to even heights, attach and place in drawer to sort small items.
  5. Gift wrap organizers: Cut tubes into sections and use them to keep rolls of wrapping paper from unraveling.
  6. Gift wrap: Use tubes to create fun and creative wrapping for small gifts.
  7. Organizers: Cut toilet paper cores into various sizes and stack them to create desk or drawer organizers for pens, pencils, and other small items.
  8. Pack your suitcase
  9. Packing material – Use toilet paper rolls as cushioning when packing fragile items for shipping.
  10. Paint them and use them to organize jewelry, desk supplies, or other small items.
  11. Pencil holders: Cut tubes at different heights, attach them, and use them as holders for pens and pencils on your desk.
Empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls can be great crafting materials!


  • Bead organizers: cut the rolls into smaller sections and use them to organize beads for jewelry making.
  • Painting tool – Use toilet paper rolls as a tool to create textures or patterns in your paintings.
  • Stamps: Cut the rolls into sections and use them as the base for homemade stamps.
  • Use as a mold for homemade candles.
  • Use as a support for drying paint canvas, as a paint roller guard, or wet paintbrush holder.

There really are so many cool things to do with toilet paper rolls. With a little creativity and imagination, the possibilities for creating crafts from empty these tubes really may be endless!

  • Amplifier for your phone.
  • Construct a bookmark by attaching a string to the paper towel roll and decorating it.
  • Cuffs: Cut tubes into thin slices, paint them, and glue them together to create unique and stylish cuffs.
  • Cut them into strips and make fun bangles or bracelets.
  • DIY camera lens – Make a DIY camera lens for your smartphone using a toilet paper roll and a magnifying glass.
  • Insulation – Use toilet paper rolls as insulation in small spaces, such as gaps around windows or doors.
  • Cut tubes into thin rings, paint or decorate them, and thread them together to make unique and colorful jewelry pieces.
  • Snack holder – Fill toilet paper rolls with treats or snacks for a fun and portable snack container.

These are just some ideas to get your creativity flowing!

Have fun crafting!

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