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I was going to name this page “AI for the Creative” but sometimes to say more, you have to say less. And since I already have a post “AI and Me” from a few months ago, I was thinking maybe “AI and I”. Naw. That’s still somewhat limiting. Let’s talk about the “I” as well as the “Intelligence” in AI.

ChatGPT from OpenAI

To use and/or create a GPT, you need to have a subscription. They are currently $20/mo. Is it worth it?  Absolutely!  Along with the GPT’s you also get Dall-E …Dall-E can make pretty pictures for you!  😍

I have created a few GPT’s and my hope is that you will find some of them helpful!

ChatGPT Try it for free!

The free plan includes:

Unlimited messages, interactions, and history
Access to our GPT-3.5 model
Access on web, iOS, Android

The $20/month plan includes:

Access to GPT-4, our most capable model
Browse, create, and use GPTs
Access to additional tools like DALL·E, Browsing, Advanced Data Analysis, and more


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