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10 Fun Ways To Use Tassels

Talk about tassels.

Let’s talk a little about tassels.

I created a simple infographic for you.  You can download it below, but let’s cover some of the highlights here in this post.

These cute little embellishments provide a quick and easy way to add personality, color, and dimension to everything you create!

They can give your craft a pop of color and can even make it more interesting.

Bottom line?  Tassels are fun!

There are many different types, many different sizes, colors, and materials as well.

Example Uses

  • Cute Keychains
  • Accents for Bookmarks, Gift Wrapping
  • Pulls for Purse, Zipper, Ceiling Fan, Backpack
  • Shoe Embellishments for Loafers and/or Shoelace Ornaments

Other Words Used to Describe Tassels

  • Accent
  • Fringe
  • Ornaments
  • Embellishments

Sample Types of Tassels

  • Fabric
  • Looped
  • Capped
  • Decorative
  • Without Caps
  • Thread or Yarn
  • Suede or Leather
  • Tassel Charms
  • Jewelry Tassels
Examples from Keep Creating Fun on Etsy.

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