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Etsy Seller Policy Updates

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Sellers were notified by email today that effective December 1, 2022 there will be several policy updates, that active Etsy shop owners should know about.

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Every day, we work to improve the Etsy marketplace. Making our platform the best it can be includes regularly reviewing our terms and policies (AKA our House Rules) to make sure they’re meeting the needs of our growing community, and ensuring we’re effectively supporting you, our sellers. Today, we’re sharing a few quick updates to our policies that go into effect December 1, 2022.*

Here’s a quick look at some of the changes to our seller policies that affect you as an Etsy shop owner:

  • Refining our Trademark rules to make it clearer when and how shops can include references to Etsy in their own marketing materials.

  • Revisiting our Affiliates policy to state that sellers who are eligible for Etsy’s Affiliates Program can now earn a commission on sales they drive to their own shop.

  • Refreshing our Fees and Payments processes to explain that Etsy may withhold taxes on payments and sales where required by law to do so. We’ll follow up with additional information if you’re ever affected.

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