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Etsy Updates

The first half of 2022 has seen some changes, ups and downs, and announcements.

The following are a few of the newest updates.

Product Categories

There has been an update to Product Categories!

These may prove helpful to sellers who offer downloadable content.  Check your listings as updates are automatic.

They’ve included the category listing link at the bottom of the update post.  The following image is linked.

Star Seller Program

Star Seller Ratings, love them or hate them, the criteria has been changed.

During slow months, the sales price threshold still may not work well for low ticket items.

Change To Etsy Search

So Etsy just released a new announcement regarding an update to search.

In short: “Etsy Search now considers keywords and phrases within your listing descriptions when ranking your listings.”

You can find the short announcement, including listing tips, by clicking on the image below.

As always this information and much more can be found on Etsy in the Community Forums!

Click image below to go to the Etsy Forum.

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