Etsy Categories Update

APRIL 2020 UPDATES: Category for face masks, face mask patterns, and more

Etsy has updated available categories for sellers.

I’ve heard that it’s important to do a category search when listing, rather than letting the category auto-populate. Since some of my products don’t cleanly fall into categories, mine auto-populate incorrectly from time to time. So I know this to be beneficial. If you take the time to search for your product category type, you will get the most recent attributes that you can apply and that your customers may be looking for.

Beyond giving you that little tip, in this post, I will simply link you to the Etsy Seller Handbook update on the subject. It’s a short read (good info), and a quick list scan to help get the products you’re selling in front of the right eyes.

They state that they will keep their page updated, so you might want to bookmark it once you get there.

In case you missed them in the paragraphs above:
Updates to Categories

Etsy Seller Handbook
Complete Category List

Happy Creating!