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4th Quarter Prep and Inspiration


The 4th quarter 2022 is under way and with any luck at all, you are about to get very busy!

To help you have your best year yet; I’ve started curating a collection of preparation tips, checklists, calendars, and inspiration from around the creative community.

Preparation is key

I’m going to start with Etsy because I received their email this weekend and the Etsy staff has put together some great stuff!

You can find more great articles and even a podcast here:

Seller Handbook

Sale Samurai has some great tips for your Etsy shop and listings!

Etsy Holiday Season Checklist

Don’t forget that if you sign up for Sale Samurai, be sure to use our coupon code for 20% off:  makers

I have not personally worked with these sites, but their posts are included for the quality information, unique ideas, and resources that their articles provide.

In other words: I do not necessarily endorse the following businesses or services but I also found fresh info there.  And an absence of a zillion ads per click!  -wink-  Fresh ideas are great.

Care to share?