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Is It Possible To Be Too Organized?

It is said that you can’t be too rich or too beautiful!  What?  Wait… this post is about organization!  Consider this post a little food for thought from an organization tool’aholic on the road to recovery.  If you’re interested in your own recovery, read on!

Can you be too organized?  Some may argue that no, you can’t.  However, you certainly can try too hard.  I am living proof of this!

Shortly after my post “Organization Is Your Friend”, which is about organization and some really great organizational tools (you can read it here), I realized that I may have spread myself just a wee bit too thin.

How much physical space do we need to put notes?

I mean, life these days comes with some pretty handy built in tools …case in point; our ever present cell phone!   On top of the calendar, and apps that are made for note taking, how many of us have taken a picture of something so that we can remember it later?  You know, directions, grocery items, a size, a label, and so on.  And why not?  If we’re going to carry it around 24/7 anyway!

too organized

So after purchasing all of my wonderful new tools, I put them into action and guess what?  Yeah… that amazing vertical board I was soooo excited about???  I LOVE it still!  Haven’t written a thing on it, but it remains awesome.  lol  Chalkboard?  Don’t use it anymore.  I DO use the desktop glass board though… it’s pretty amazing.  But the bottom line is that our tools are only as useful as we allow them be.  I became too organized.  Ok not really, I just had too many options.

It seems that creatives have a tendency to be a little scattered.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been known to have about a zillion fantastic ideas… and then something new sparkles off in the distance and off in that direction I go!

Well this doesn’t do well for organizing my business.  Do you have like a gazillion post it notes all over?  I sure do and I can’t help it!  I’ll write a note, and then make a list, and later find the note and not know if it was important or what it pertained.  You get the idea.  It’s relentless!

Well contrary to my desire to have every tool available, I have to dial it down.  With more tools to organize by, I find that I’m just giving myself more places to look.  So, my advice?  Read my previous post, pick the ideas that you think will work for YOU, and try to keep it to 2 or 3 methods.

These 2 are the ones that get the most use.

Plus my wall calendar, plus my phone, plus my fun new clipboard.    🙂

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