Organization Is Your Friend

Holy cow you guys!  I. Love. This!

I’m super excited because I found one of my favorite organization tools in a vertical format!  These are some of the things that I use to keep myself from falling off the… no wait… to keep myself on track!

#1.  Electronic Organization

I use One Note.  I also use Google Keep.  Why 2 programs?  Well… I can’t even begin to explain myself    😉    But I use Google Keep on my phone line a sticky note, and I’m trying to organize, and properly (and regularly) use One Note on my Computer in the office.

We are all different, our needs, and our comfort levels are different.  Likewise, note-taking programs have different learning curves and offer different abilities.  So for this one, I’m going to direct you to an article that I found.  It shares a wealth of information on several different programs and even includes screen shots!  7 Note Taking Apps.

#2.  Wall Organization

Being a creative person, I tend to actually NEED visual nudges to keep me from wandering off of my daily goals, and below are my fav’s!  I use them in different ways and in different places.

Places where I need organization include:

(A) My office, which is where a lot of my time is spent.  It is here, that I am typing to you from right now, and where my organizational goals kept falling short.  I’ve tried a calendar desk pad, but that quickly became a jumble of notes and was eventually swallowed up by the piles of samples and stuff that I find myself trying to ignore.  This is the location that requires my electronic organization from #1 above, plus a wall calendar, AND a task board.  I’ve found that I can’t easily pile “stuff” on top of things that are hanging on a wall.  Brilliant!

(B)  The shop shipping station and yes, we have a shop… see the links on the top of this site.  This space requires a place for quick and temporary, on-the-spot notes.  It also helps to have a calendar nearby.  Then there is (C) my creative spaces, in which there is no such distraction recommended; and finally (D) the room where images are taken and bulkier items are displayed and stored.  In there, I need a dry erase board at minimum.  It helps remind me where I left off and what’s up next, etc.

I should also note that I carry around (and can frequently be found searching for) this fantastic clip board where I keep my SKU sheets, color charts, and notes that need to go from one room to another.

So depending on your uses, your needs will vary and hence this post.

This calendar board is amazing.  It comes with a cork section and dry erase pen with an eraser cap.  I just found out today that it comes in both horizontal AND vertical! You know I have to get the vertical now, and that’s what will be going in (B) the shop shipping station.  So excited!  lol  So this isn’t overly large (18″ x 7.5″), but for sure large enough to write on.  I use the horizontal version in (A) my office, to remind me to promote various items in various places, notes on trends that I’m seeing, etc.  The vertical one will be used with my easel, and be used for notes about stock, products in/out, special requests, and orders on hold, Postal holidays and so on.


#3.  Desk or Tabletop Organization

This is what I use currently on the shipping table.  It’s great for jotting down when I have to do a quick inventory check or writing down a product number, etc.  I’m pretty confident that with today’s new finds, this will be moved to (D), my product staging table.  It’s mostly for short term reminders and basically I love it because it’s adorable    🙂


Above is the desktop/tabletop easel that I use, the other side is cork.  The following easel is less expensive and has a ledge for chalk!  Cute!


Oh man!  Check THIS one out!  …one can never be too organized right?!?


Oh my goodness you guys!  I just received this and I absolutely LOVE it!  The top is glass and you can write to your hearts content!  There’s a pen holder across the top and a little drawer.  The drawer can be used on either end, though I don’t know why there isn’t one on both ends.  I suppose we don’t have room for a drawer to pull out on both ends, but still.  It is perfectly tilted so that you can see it easily while you work. Currently I have little sticky notes stuck to it until they’re no longer relevant.  Yeah, it’s totally awesome!

Naturally I now need colored Dry Erase Markers… to organize my note topics.  Yep, that’s why I need them …has nothing to do with how much I love color!

This is the set in my cart.


Well, at the risk of sounding like a bunch of mini product reviews… which I suppose this was… I hope that you have a little insight on some organizational options and maybe even some ideas why you need them.

And just for the record, I did all of this shopping through Amazon because I love Prime!  It’s almost as good as being in the store.  Also, I almost always shop around for pricing first and still end up buying from Amazon.  If I’ve seen that their price isn’t good, I simply would not link it.  The links here, as stated in the page footer, indeed affiliate listings.  It costs you nothing to use them, but I get a little credit if you do, so if you wouldn’t mind, shop my link please and thank you!