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Money Saving Packaging Idea!

Packaging Tip

Need a Money Saving Packaging Idea?

Fiskars Rotary Cutter packaging idea

Well, it might be a bit quicker to send your orders in a box.

However, with this little packaging idea you can potentially use a bubble mailer instead.  If you could use a bubble mailer you’re not only saving on the cost of the box, but you can possibly save on postage too!

When you’re sending small items that you don’t want to get bent, it’s nice and really cost effective to have been cutting off and saving the inside (clean, unmarked) flaps from cardboard boxes that you’ve receive deliveries in.  Just cut these down to size as needed!  This can give you the sturdy support that you need when you can use a mailer instead of a box.  And best of all, it’s free!

Insider tip:  I fold the corners inward so that there are no pointy edges that might be forced through your mailer during transit handling.

If you want to fold it over so that you have 3 sides covered, simply account for the depth of your item and use a Bone Folder (weird name, I know, it’s supposed to be cattle bone!) to score/crease the cardboard and then you can easily fold to fit.

Now just tie with some twine and you’re product is ready to travel!

Jute Twine, 328 Feet 2ply Natural Twine String, Industrial Packing Materials Heavy Duty Twine for Arts and Crafts

Genuine Bone Folder and Scoring Tool, Smooth, Premium Quality for Folding, Scoring and Creasing

Packing Tip

With the safety of the retracting blade, the Fiskars Rotary Cutter is great for cutting the flaps off of boxes.

I also use a flat paper trimmer for cutting our invoice and packing slip sheets in half.  If you don’t know how to print them on 1 sheet, visit my post here.

Bonus Tip:

Need a way to break up those air packets that you receive?  Yep. Knife blade.  These are great for paper crafting, but they’re also quite handy for opening boxes, popping those air cushions, and slicing through mailers!  This is the one I use.  Even though the blades are not replaceable, I love them.  My favorite feature is that the blade quickly and easily snaps back in, and while closed, it still has a handy side blade.

Hopefully you gained an idea or two here.  If you have some tips to share or want to chat with fellow creatives, please like Keep Creating Fun on Facebook and join the Facebook Group!

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