Check Out The Promo Box From Vista Print

Vista Print Promo Box Contents

So what’s a Promo Box anyway?  Well, check it out!  I was so impressed that I felt it necessary to share this with you!

While I was purchasing a quick supply of business cards, I saw this interesting offer.  They choose what they will send, and how they will apply your branding.  I’m not a huge “Try it, you’ll like it” fan, but for the price, I could hardly go wrong, right?  So I gave it a try.  Well… here we are!

So if your business is all branded and have your logo ready to go, I want you to know about this amazing Promo Box from Vista Print.

Totally worth a try and the 1st box is only $5!  True story!

Vista Print Promo Box

This is a picture of my first promo box.  While, I would have done a couple of things a little differently, the quality is excellent!

It came with:

1- Sheet of 20- 1.5″ Round Stickers

10- Note Cards and (plain white) envelopes

2- Pens

A great T’Shirt

A $10 off coupon

They send you one box a month (it’s $24.99 after the 1st one)