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Viral Headlines and Titles

Popularity is a SKILL

Experts say that viral posts are like winning the lottery. That free traffic, engagement and sales from a shared post, pic, or video is a fortunate result of dumb luck.

But not according to Rachel Miller. She says that virals are a skill … a skill that YOU can do with the right tools.

Her Story:

See, Rachel was homeschooled before homeschooling was a thing (meaning, a “normal” thing). She had a bit of an isolated life. But when she got to college she watched how the “popular set” interacted with each other. And noticed patterns. Frameworks: what to do or say… in this or that situation. Unwritten rules that the “kids at the cool table” practiced, whether on purpose or by instinct. And she ended up cracking the code.

Rachel Miller came to understand that ‘popularity’… can actually be crafted. She used that craft for the usual reasons at first: to make friends, and to get invited to social functions. But those same lessons she learned as a socially awkward kid, became skills to build online audiences!

Rachel’s had 29 posts “go viral”, with over 30 million views.

(I think she might be on to something)

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