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What do you use to attach your tassels?  I recently saw someone in a Facebook group mention that sometimes tassels look delicate, or even fragile, when they’re simply attached by a small jump ring.  This may mean that you’re using a jump ring that is too small or too thin.  Aside from upgrading your jump rings, there is another way!

Well this is what you need to attach your tassels to zipper pulls! ..even key chains, purse charms and more, especially if you want that secure look and feel.

While accessories, charms, pendants, and adornments of many kinds, are typically attached quite nicely with a jump ring… I’ve started carrying these amazing little clips and they should help you and your customers with concerns regarding tassels and other embellishments being securely fastened.  I think they would be especially appropriate and useful if you’re using your tassels on zipper pulls.

Lanyard Clips

Another option is “split rings”! Though they are a bit more difficult to work with (and this is why you’ll find split ring opening pliers in the shop), but they do provide that secure connection that some may be looking for.  I’ve also seen some people use thicker, more sturdy, jump rings or even 2 jump rings, which has a good effect, if it fits the look of your project!

Bonus Tip

The pliers I mention are also helpful when opening key rings, and so are your standard, every-office-has-them, claw style staple removers.  Just take care not to scratch your key ring!

Speaking of taking care; remember when working with rings and wire products, it’s important not to over extend, stretch, or compress them too much.  Sometimes if you stress the metal, there’s a chance it will not automatically spring back into shape.

Oh!  And there are oval jump rings as well.  They also seem to go a long way in giving that secure look and feel.

Be sure to check out these great items while you’re looking at A Tassel or Two! Click here to go straight to the Findings and Tools section. If I happen to be out of stock on any of the above, just search Etsy by the terms I mentioned and you should find several options!

Happy Creating!

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