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If you are a graphic artist, designer, or you are really witty and you have an interest in ways to sell your art without holding inventory or shipping, then this post is for you.

There are plenty of platforms and marketplaces out there that will handle everything for you. This means no inventory, no shipping supplies, and in most cases no customer service. It’s called Print on Demand, or POD.

While it is true, POD cannot touch the effort and love that goes into hand made, it is a really good opportunity for some artists. Many people create art and not physical products. These people can benefit from Print on Demand.

Important To Note

When considering the following, it is important to remember to never use another sellers ideas or artwork. Ever. That said, this is not intended to be a full explanation, simply a list of a few good options. You can usually find a lot of great tips on their respective blogs.

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Can be a good earning platform.

  • Pro: It’s free
  • Pro: Offers Fan Art
  • Pro: More products
  • Pro: More well known
  • Pro: You set your mark up

Opinion: May be better suited for artwork more so than simple text.
Can be a bit more time time consuming. Has an affiliate program, and they re-target/advertise.

Good for just starting out and as an add-on platform.

  • Pro: Easy
  • Pro: It’s free
  • Pro: They advertise / re-target
  • Pro: Offers an affiliate program
  • Con: They set the price/royalty ($0.25-8.00)

Opinion: Not the greatest royalties and you have no control over that, but the sales aren’t bad, so it can add up. Considering ease of use, it is totally worth it.

  • Pro: It’s free
  • Pro: Has unique items (ex. furniture and wallpaper)
  • Con: You can only set Print mark-up

Opinion: Interesting products, has affiliate program, and advertises some.

As with most things, you get out what you put in. If you plan to sell your art on products, but rely solely on any marketplace for traffic, sales will likely be slow. Likewise, if you upload poor quality work, you can’t expect sales. A lot of POD sites offer you a storefront. These stores can be a great way to promote your work.

There is so much information and more marketplaces. There’s also a great deal of time and money saving resources. I could do a whole series on the topic; so if there is interest, visit my Facebook Page or Facebook Group and let me know!

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