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Sell More – 5 Day Lead Challenge

Click Funnels 5 Day Lead Challenge

In my Grow Your Business post, I mentioned creating more posts with more ways to learn and benefit from Click Funnels. “Sell More” is one of those posts! If you have to miss out on the 6 months of Platinum Access, then you really should take The 5-Day Lead Challenge.

I participated in the 5 Day Lead Challenge, learn a bunch, and really enjoyed it! You get to actually participate, and if you do, you will love it too. If you haven’t used the 14 day free trial of Click Funnels, you will here, and Russel Brunson will walk you through how to use it

If you haven’t seen Russel speak, he is a fun, insightful, and energetic teacher. Rachel Miller of Moolah Marketing, presented during the challenge too! Each day the class is from 30 to 60 minutes and then you get homework! Truth. There are also several video tutorials to learn even more about marketing.

This 5 Day Lead Challenge class is FREE!

It’s a must for anyone who wants to sell more!  Russell Brunson has increasing sales down to a science, and he’s written a few books on the topic of traffic and growing your business. I personally prefer audio books and yeah, they’re available in audio too! Yay! The Traffic Secrets book is free, you pay shipping and handling, so it will cost you under $10.

Since I mentioned the audio book, we have to talk value. The audio book costs more, BUT you can get the audio version for less by purchasing from Audible (Amazon). However, you DO get less. So it’s a judgement call that only you can make for yourself.

When you purchase through Russel you get a bundle currently including; The Traffic Secrets Foundation, The Ultimate Unfair Advantage, How To Make A Video Go Viral, The Ultimate Traffic Hack, and the 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge.

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