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CF Fans

CF Fans

A few months ago I was contacted and asked if I would be interested in a new platform for creatives. Naturally I had to check it out (not really, I hesitated).  I joined the beta testing a bit late, and as a result, after only a few days… it went live and it’s great!

Allow me to introduce FANS! The official launch won’t be for a week or two, but it is live and open to you to join as a fan and and as a creator. Fans is the new kid on the block and it’s so easy I had to share it with you… my makers!

As a creative, you’ve likely noticed several suggestions to create a membership or subscription. This is no doubt a great idea for sharing your content and creating a monthly income. You may also have noticed that many times the suggestions ultimately lead to a lot of stress, work, and a pricey subscription platform for you to build on.

Well now there’s Fans!

It’s free to set-up and maintain. You don’t have to collect payment or pay for anything in advance. At minimum, this is a great way to test the idea of building a subscription and see if your audience is even interested in participating in a membership. This is your chance to get in early! As I type this, there are 25 Creators.

CF Fans
Fans is officially open!

CF Fans is the creation of Creative Fabrica, so if you have a CF account, you can use it to sign-up. There is lots of freedom here. Charge a monthly membership fee and you don’t pay until you start getting paid. You can find the FAQ’s and payment information here.

Creators can offer so much value from so many categories! All you have to do is provide great content to keep your fans happy!

Fans is for Crafters!

Crafters, you need to check it out and see all of the great classes and offerings from fellow creators there!

Care to share?