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Don’t Fight with a Tape Gun!

Tape Dispenser

This is Amazing

One of my favorite finds for sure! Do you ever have your packing tape fold over and get stuck on itself?  lol  I do.  Clearly this is something I have struggled with, and it could just be me, but those tape guns are a hassle.  Unless I’m packing a really large box, I rarely find that tape guns are the best choice.

So here’s the answer!  (I’m so excited!  I really do love this thing!)  Sit this sturdy double tape dispenser on your shipping table and use both hands when packing!  It may be a matter of preference, but I find this especially helpful when trying to tape up a box!

No more bulky tape gun for your packing tape!

The added bonus is that your decorative Washi tape or whatever standard size tape that you also use sits conveniently in the same dispenser!

Now just throw in your markers, pens, etc. and you’re ready to ship!  I actually use 2 of these because I like to use the large decorative tape as well as the standard packing tape!

There’s a short product video, and more information can be found here:  Deluxe Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser 

These should answer any questions that you may have. The link indicates a few places to purchase, so you might want to shop around for sales.  I found the best price on Amazon.

This handy little beauty is a bit heavy, so if by chance you don’t have Prime yet, here’s a link to find out more.     🙂

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