Cricut – More and More to Create

As people are starting to get and explore their Maker’s, I thought it might be a good time to take a look at the fun new accessories Cricut has in store for us!  So many fun new ways to create!  Cricut even has a sewing kit!!!  Check this out:

If for no other reason, I have to have this for the mini Cricut machine pin cushion!  lol  SO cute!!

Since we want to take good care of our pretty new pink fabric mats (which is also available in 12″x24″), Cricket has created some tools to help, including broad tip tweezers!

I’m linking their Fabrics here too!  They are listed on the Cricut site with nice close-ups of the patterns in each Designer Sampler pack!

Cricut Maker: More tools. More materials. More possibilities.

Cricut Maker