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Earn Free Listings on Etsy

Etsy Tips and Tricks - Earn Free Listings and More

40 Free Listings for You and 40 Free Listings for Me!

Yes, it’s still available (at least as of right now)… it’s just not as easy to find as it used to be.

In case you don’t know about this offer, it works like this:  You have an Etsy shop and you know someone who wants to open a shop.  You supply them with a link and if they use that link exactly as instructed (*more information on that below), you will both receive 40 listings!  If done properly, you will receive an email when they use your link.  When they post their first listing to their new shop, you will receive another email letting you know and awarding you the free listings.

This works both ways!  If you want to open a shop, ask an Etsy seller for a link!

Ask any Etsy seller!  If you don’t know anyone or you don’t want to ask a random stranger, feel free to ask me!  Seriously, any seller should be happy to get one to you if they can… it’s a win win!

Please note that a link is only good one time (Etsy has changed this).  So if you are offering free listings to 2 different people, get 2 different links.  A new link is generated by refreshing the invite page.

Current Sellers, you can find your invitation link here:

And if you’re not sure about the specifics or how it works …the all important details are here:


  • If a member has already begun to set up a shop but their shop isn’t open to the public yet, the promotion cannot apply. The recommended account must be a buyer-only account before the code can be redeemed.
  • Please keep in mind that the people you refer need to open their shop directly from your referral link in order for you both to receive free listings.
  • If someone navigates away from the link or switches browsers, this new shop will not be registered as coming directly from your invite.

Want to open a shop?

I have a link here just for you!  40 listings and my sincere thanks if you use one!    🙂

I’ve removed my link because so many of my amazing readers were using it!

I am so grateful to you! If you need a link to set up your new Etsy shop, please ask on Facebook, many sellers would be happy to give you a link!

Open a New Shop with 40 FREE Listings

Each link is only good once, so I renew them frequently. Update: This no longer appears to be true, so you can share the same link to different people.

Care to share?