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We’re All About Color, Creativity, and Fun!Beaded Key Chain

Selling some of the best craft supplies has put us in the position of wanting to see our customers successful!  We want you, as our customers, to be happy and we want your customers to be happy too!

We want to provide you with the information and ideas that we come across.  We’re happy to share our resources and ideas so that you can enjoy what you create even more.

We have thousands of happy customers and with our blanks and craft supply shops, we do the heavy lifting (sometimes literally) for you.  We do the testing and waiting, so that we can stock the products that you love.  The best part is your orders ship from Illinois, so that you can get them right way.

You’re going to love our supplies and what’s more, you’re sure to find some useful information here on our blog.  Be sure to visit the blog pages and see what’s going on!

Key Chain Tassels

Next Steps…

Visit our blog, get some ideas and tips and then be sure to stop by our shops and see all of the fun and colorful craft supplies that await!

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